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【Hiroshima trip】New year's day of 2018, Atomic bomb dome (again), Peace memorial park (平和記念公園), Shukukei-en (縮景園)

This is the next day from last article. And this was the 1st day of year of 2018.

I was in the hotel of 'Sun route-Hiroshima' (サンルート広島)on the 1st day of 2018. However, this day, I had a left leg pain. So. I didn't walk actively.

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But this was the last day of the trip, and it was very fine. So, I went to Atomic bomb dome and try to take more beautiful pictures. Then, I went to the places I wanted to go. Which was Peace memorial park(広島記念公園) and Shukukei-en (縮景園).

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I watched the pictures of disastrous event after atomic bomb. And I felt the importance of the peace strongly.


Then, I visited Shukukei-en (縮景園)。It's beautiful park.

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Anyway, Hiroshima was so beautiful and good place. And I had a enjoyable days during this trip.

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