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【Yokohama travel】Cherry blossoms at Mitsuike-Kouen park (三つ池公園)

April 8th, last year (2018). Many blossoms had already fallen at that time. I took a picture of the cherry blossoms which were still bloomed. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Thank you for your usual support. Since I'm jo…

【Yokohama trip】Negishi-Shinrin-Kouen (根岸森林公園) and restaurant dolphin (ドルフィン)

This is an article to write about walking around Negishi-Shinrin-Kouen (根岸森林公園). This is one of the pictures taken at the Neghishi-Shinrin-Kouen. A picture taken at the Negishi-Shinrin-Kouen Neghishi-Shinrin-Kouen is at the pretty hi…