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【Wakayama Travel】Beautiful castle, Wakayama Castle. Do you know It was a national treasure before burnt.?

This day, I went to Wakayama city via Haneda airport and Kansai airport.

Wakayama is a good city for sightseeing, I think. However, Kyoto, Nara and Osaka city is more famous than it for people, so It becomes a somewhat unfortunate place from a tourist point of view.

Well, even though my hometown is Nara city, I almost never came to Wakayama. This time, I will spend a leisurely sightseeing tour of Wakayama.

First, I went to Wakayama Castle.


It is beautiful, isn't it? Wakayama castle is the main castle of 'Kisyuu-Tokugawa family' (紀州徳川家), which is one of the '3 Tokugawa-family'.

It was a national treasure before burnt by the world war. And the present castle is a castle that faithfully reproduces its appearance before burnt.





In the castle, there were various items such as armors, swords, bows and other items on display.



And I could enjoy the scenery of Wakayama city from the top of the castle (天守閣).



And there were also the furnitures of the famous Japanes drama (大河ドラマ).


After this, I went to the beautifl garden (西の丸庭園) near the castle, but I will write the article about them tomorrow.

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