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【Hokkaido travel】Sapporo city in Hokkaido (北海道).

I went to sightseeing in Hokkaido prefecture on October 20th and 21th. with my wife. This is the record of the day. (Hokkaido is the largest and northernmost prefecture in Japan.)

1st Picture is the Houhei-Kan (豊平館). I've just selected it as the 1st picture because it looks beautiful :) f:id:asato418:20181023045301p:plain Houhei-kan is the western-style hotel, built by the Meiji Government. (Meiji government continues from 1868 to 1912.)

I live in Yokohama-city, and Haneda Airport is not so far from my house. I left my house pretty early this day.


Since I have one world emerald status, I can use a lounge at the airport. And I can have rice ball, miso soup, some snacks and beer free.


Ebisu beer is a little expensive comparing with other beer in Japan, but this lounge is a first class lounge, beer is a little better than other lounge :)


There are two kinds of rice ball.


And this picture is from the inside of the plane. I usually use aisle seat when utilizing international airline, but I can enjoy good scenery from the windows seat in the domestic airline. It takes only one or two hours from Tokyo.


And This is New Chitose Airport.

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And Sapporo station by train.


This is Former Hokkaido Government Building. We call it Red brick government building (赤レンガ庁舎)normally.

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The garden is also pretty beautiful.


And a famous Clock Tower. It is a symbol of Sapporo city, and many tourists visit here. A city developed this tower in the 1870s with assistance from the American government. Unfortunately It was closed while October 31, I could not enter in the building.

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And this is Odori park. Odori Park is an oasis in the city center. In winter, snow festival is held here.

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I go through this shopping arcade, called Tanuki-koji-syoutengai (means raccoon dog small street shopping arcade) and moved the the hotel.

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After asking the hotel to keep our bags, we went toward the Nakajima-park. On our way to the park, we took on the tram.

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And this is the Nakajima-park. Toyohira-kan(豊平館)and Hassou-an (八窓庵) are important cultural properties.


There is a observatory in the park. We could see the picture of the sun through a telescope.

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This is 'Houhei-kan' (豊平館).

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This is 'Hassou-an' (八窓庵)

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Autumn leaves were also beautiful.


In sapporo, ramen is very famous as 'Sapporo ramen'. So we went to the places where ramen restaurants are gathered (It is called 'Ramen republic' in Sapporo.)


The restaurant we visited was 'Ramen Misono'. Fortunately we could enter soon, however when we left, around 10 people was in the line.

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The ramen was very delicious and we enjoyed the taste.

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We enjoyed in Sapporo in the morning. After this, we went to the Otaru city faces the Ishikari Bay.