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【Nara travel】Mar 31, 2018 Ukimido (浮見堂) and Cherry blossoms at Nara park (奈良公園の桜).

This is the topic when I went to Nara park on Mar 31, 2018.

First, I visited Ukimi-dou (浮見堂 : meaning, floating and seeing temple.)




Then, moved to Nara park.




After that, I visited Daibutu-den (大仏殿), and went back to my house. f:id:asato418:20181204203327p:plain

I like cherry blossom very much. It's very beautiful, bat very short time to enjoy. If you have a chance to come to Japan in Spring, please enjoy it.

We can probably enjoy cherry blossom soon again this year, I'd like to go somewhere to see and enjoy it.

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【Yokohama trip】Negishi-Shinrin-Kouen (根岸森林公園) and restaurant dolphin (ドルフィン)

This is an article to write about walking around Negishi-Shinrin-Kouen (根岸森林公園).

This is one of the pictures taken at the Neghishi-Shinrin-Kouen.

A picture taken at the Negishi-Shinrin-Kouen

Neghishi-Shinrin-Kouen is at the pretty high place, so I needed to climb up considerably from the Negishi station.



There were roses in front of the park.



The next picture is the scenary of the park. f:id:asato418:20181201215359p:plain

There were 2 sheeps which had the role to eat the grass of the park. This day was the last day of the role. Children was enjoying to tocuh with sheeps, and gave leaves to the sheep as their foods.


It seemd that winter had come already.


After relaxing in the park, I went to the famous restaurant, Dolphin to eat lunch. ( Dolphin is in the lyrics of famous Japanese woman singer, Yu-min (ユーミン) 's song, ( Umi wo mite ita gogo (meaning, Afternoon when I was watching the ocean : 海を見ていた午後).



There, I ate a little expensive lunch.


And craft beer.




This is a meat dish. f:id:asato418:20181201220433p:plain

This is a fish dish. f:id:asato418:20181201220454p:plain

This is desert. f:id:asato418:20181201220521p:plain

This is also desert. f:id:asato418:20181201220625p:plain

Since a lot of building was built after the song, the scenary was pretty changed after Yumin's song was published. However, I could still see the sea. The picture was taken at the terrace.


This is the picture of the terrace.


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【Hiroshima trip】New year's day of 2018, Atomic bomb dome (again), Peace memorial park (平和記念公園), Shukukei-en (縮景園)

This is the next day from last article. And this was the 1st day of year of 2018.

I was in the hotel of 'Sun route-Hiroshima' (サンルート広島)on the 1st day of 2018. However, this day, I had a left leg pain. So. I didn't walk actively.

f:id:asato418:20181111002511p:plain f:id:asato418:20181111002538p:plain

But this was the last day of the trip, and it was very fine. So, I went to Atomic bomb dome and try to take more beautiful pictures. Then, I went to the places I wanted to go. Which was Peace memorial park(広島記念公園) and Shukukei-en (縮景園).

f:id:asato418:20181111002835p:plain f:id:asato418:20181111003534p:plain f:id:asato418:20181111003807p:plain f:id:asato418:20181111004121p:plain f:id:asato418:20181111003838p:plain

I watched the pictures of disastrous event after atomic bomb. And I felt the importance of the peace strongly.


Then, I visited Shukukei-en (縮景園)。It's beautiful park.

f:id:asato418:20181111004158p:plain f:id:asato418:20181111004218p:plain f:id:asato418:20181111004240p:plain f:id:asato418:20181111004301p:plain f:id:asato418:20181111004324p:plain f:id:asato418:20181111004348p:plain f:id:asato418:20181111004412p:plain

Anyway, Hiroshima was so beautiful and good place. And I had a enjoyable days during this trip.

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【Hiroshima trip】Miyajima (宮島), Oyster restaurant(牡蠣屋), lion rock (獅子岩), Miyajima-beer(宮島ビール) and Conger rice(あなご飯)

This is the last date of the Hiroshima-trip on 2017. I went to Itsukushima shrine (厳島神社), known as Miya-jima.

The first picture is the great Torii (大鳥居) in the sea.


My travel route today was from the center of Hiroshima city to Miyajima. It was about an hour, not so far.


This was the breakfast at that day.


And I moved toward Miyajima by the ship.



And arrived at Miyajima (宮島). f:id:asato418:20181109192555p:plain f:id:asato418:20181109192700p:plain

f:id:asato418:20181109192733p:plain f:id:asato418:20181109192805p:plain f:id:asato418:20181109192844p:plain

When it was low tide, people could walk to the great Torii. (大鳥居) f:id:asato418:20181109192927p:plain

I ate lunch at the restaunt of Miyajima which is called '牡蠣や' (meaning oyster restaurant.)

f:id:asato418:20181109193136p:plain f:id:asato418:20181109193511p:plain f:id:asato418:20181109193204p:plain f:id:asato418:20181109193617p:plain

And after that I go up to the high place by the ropeway. :) f:id:asato418:20181109193656p:plain f:id:asato418:20181109193814p:plain

Then, lion rock (獅子岩).

f:id:asato418:20181109193838p:plain f:id:asato418:20181109193941p:plain f:id:asato418:20181109194014p:plain

This is the holy place of lovers, and it is called as the 'temple of the never disappear sprit fire'.

f:id:asato418:20181109194112p:plain f:id:asato418:20181109194244p:plain

And in the night, I drank 'Miyajima beer' and ate 'Anogo-meshi' meaning Conger and rice.

f:id:asato418:20181109194309p:plain f:id:asato418:20181109194405p:plain

It was very tasty. This was the event of the last day of year 2017 at Hiroshima.

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【Hiroshima trip】Okonomi-yaki(お好み焼), Atomic bomb dome (原爆ドーム)、Hiroshima castle (広島城)

This article is about the Hiroshima-trip on 2017.

Recently, I select the trip by airplane to earn miles. However I went to Hiroshima by the bullet train this time.

I left my home at about 7 o'clock, and arrived at Hiroshima station around noon. Firstly, I went to the Okonomi-yaki restaurant, and ate Okonomi-yaki (お好み焼) and fired noodle (焼きそば).

As you may know, Okonomi-yaki is a Japanese-style pancake made from egg, flour and water with lots of toppings In Japanese, 'Okonomi' means 'your favorite', and 'Yaki' means 'fried'. So, we called this as 'Okonomi-Yaki'

f:id:asato418:20181109012112p:plain f:id:asato418:20181109012136p:plain

Then I went to the hotel and asked for keeping my baggage, and went to the sightseeing.

The firstplace I visited was the atomic bomb dome (原爆ドーム).

f:id:asato418:20181109012733p:plain f:id:asato418:20181109012800p:plain

My father's hometown is Hiroshima, and I’m sure I once visited Hiroshima, but I do not remember almost at all. The topic I can only remember which is related to atomic bomb at Hiroshima is the comic which title is 'Barefoot Gen (はだしのゲン).

I hope disastrous war will never happen, and pray.


f:id:asato418:20181109013100p:plain f:id:asato418:20181109013121p:plain f:id:asato418:20181109013148p:plain f:id:asato418:20181109013219p:plain

After walking around Atomic bomb dome, I went toward the Hiroshima castle (広島城

f:id:asato418:20181109013328p:plain f:id:asato418:20181109013342p:plain

This is the ’Hiroshima-shrine for the war dead (広島護国神社)' next to Hiroshima castle (広島城).


I hadn't taken a lot of picture this time, but I had walked a lot as I thought. When seeing timeline of Google maps, I can see that I walked a lot at that time.


Hiroshima is also very good place, and I wanted to come this place since before. After coming to Hiroshima actually, It became one of my favorite places more.

In the next article, I will write about around 'MIyajima(宮島)'.

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【Nara travel】Naoya-Shiga House (志賀直哉邸), Allay of whisper (ささやきの小径), Kasuga-taisya shrine( 春日大社 )

On March 10th, 2018 I went to my father's hospital at Nara city.

After that, I walked around Kasuga-Tiasya shrine and Nara park.

First, I went to the house of Naora Shiga (志賀直哉邸).

  • Naoya Shiga was a Japanese novelist. He was born in Miyagi prefecture in the Tohoku area, but he loved Nara city and stayed long near Nara park. This house was the place he lived.










It is not so big, but pretty beautiful house and garden, I felt.

After enjoying the house of Naoya Shiga, I went to the Allay of whisper. ( It was called because lovers often whisper the word of love. ) And went toward the Kasuga-taisya shrine.




This is the Torii-gate (鳥居) of Kasuga-taisya shrine (春日大社).



Then I went to the Nara park.


And ate soba noodle in hot broth, topped with a salty-sweet dried herring





I always felt Nara city is the good place to see. If you have never come here, please try once =). Probably you would like this place, I believe.

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【Nara travel】Cfesta food event at Nara park.

After visiting my father's hospital, I went to the food festival at Nara park.




It was a long line at the booth of famous chef. I once thought it might be good to eat here, but the price was pretty high (1,800 yen), and there were no seat to sit down. So I gave up to eat here.

I'm afraid that event planner should make more seat for the guests.



I walked around the event, but it seems not so much attraction for me. I left there and ate Nishin-soba (soba noodle in hot broth, topped with a salty-sweet dried herring) at the restaurant near Todaiji-temple (東大寺).



I could eat in the good mood comparing with eating expensive food while standing.

And on the way to my home, I ate soft serve ice cream, too. 350 yen.


Soft serve ice cream was 500 yen at the event place. 😄

The followings are just little extra pictures.

It's deer's picture.


5 storied pagoda at Koufuku-ji temple (興福寺).


This is the Tyuukonndou (中金堂) (It was under construction at the time. On October, the construction was finished)


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